Wedding Day
Wedding bells are ringing! The bride will always remember her big day with this bracelet full of blissful memories of golden rings, pearls, lace, and promises for the future.
Inspiring beads include:
Yes! Bead, 2+2, Endless, Bouquet, Triple Pearl, White Bubbles, and Crown Chakra
Maple Syrup
Autumn is a time for cuddling by the fi re and drinking hot apple cider – keep this warm, cozy feeling year-round with the Maple Syrup bracelet.
Inspiring beads include:
Autumn, Transformation, Triangles, Lucky Knot, Caramel Sunset, Maple Syrup, and Fur Animal
First Frost
This glistening bracelet evokes memories of the magical chill of winter’s fi rst frost, or the fi rst snowfl akes appearing in the night sky.
Inspiring beads include:
Snow, Three Stars, Zanzibar, Milky Way, White Pearl, Arctic Stripes, and Dichroic Ice
Memories of funnel cakes, cotton candy and Ferris wheels abound with this fun, summery bracelet. Perfect for that special someone who is a kid at heart.
Inspiring beads include:
Crab, Mermaid, Dolphins, Treasures, Big Fish Lock, Green Rainbow, and Stripe of Fashion
Buddhism teaches that enlightenment is reached through meditation and self-awareness. Take time to refl ect on life with this Zen bracelet.
Inspiring beads include:
Happy Universe, Ying Yang,Buddha,Lotus, Origami, Heart Chakra, and Power Chakra
Trick and Treat
This Halloween, treat someone special to this spooky, festive bracelet, reminiscent of Jack-o’-Lanterns and candy corn.
Inspiring beads include:
Big Cat, Pumpkin, Brew of the Moor, Waves, Dark Leopard, Green Shade, and Orange Armadillo
Twinkling lights and carols mean the holidays are here! Tell the story of all her holiday memories with this merry bracelet.
Inspiring beads include:
Drum, Teddy Bear, Stars, Winter, Snowman, White Steel, and Red Prism
Pure Passion
Make every day Valentine’s Day for the one you love with this symbolic bracelet. She’ll remember each special moment every time she wears it.
Inspiring beads include:
Valentine, Pure Passion, Cherub, Heart, Forget Me Not, Pink Bud, and Lilac Shadow
Daisy Pastel
Spring has sprung – the sun is shining and fl owers are blooming, bringing delicate hues of blossoms and buds to the outdoors.
Inspiring beads include:
Daisy, Jugend, Rose Ribbon, Pale Rose Flower, Lace Lock, Alabaster, and Turquoise Green Dot
Family Unity
Traditional or not, families are a haven from the hustle and bustle of the world. Keep your family close with this bracelet representing unity, love and family ties.
Inspiring beads include:
Three Siblings, Unity, Tower, Koala, The Trinity, Rose Quartz, and Lavender Prism
The Arts
This bracelet is perfect for that special someone who loves music, drama, or art. Give her a bracelet that represents her personal passions.
Inspiring beads include:
Theatre Masks, Music Box, Spiral, Art Deco, Spot, Blue Flower Bud, and Green Stripe
Give the lasting gift of friendship. Add a bead for each fond memory – as your relationship grows, so will the bracelet.
Inspiring beads include:
Faith, Hope & Charity, Friendship, Three Flowers, King & Queen, Spring, Blue-Green Feather, and Orange Steel
Butterfly Garden
Perfect for the nature lover, this bracelet captures the essence of the outdoors – with a touch of whimsy.
Inspiring beads include:
Birdhouse, Butterfl ies, Sparrow, Ladybug, Bee on Hive, Blue Fizz, and Purple Bubbles